Sangiovese  (8 sleeps)

Canaiolo (4 sleeps)

Malvasia (4 sleeps)

Trebbiano (2+1 sleeps)







Agriturismo c/o Fattoria Lorano.
Strada di Lornano 11 – 53035 Monteriggioni (5km from Siena) – Lornano on the map CLICK HERE  Booking by email : lornano@lornano.itTel: (0039) 0577-309059.

Distance / Distanze: Siena 5Km | Florence 50Km | Monteriggioni 5Km | San Giminiano 20Km




4 farm villas Sangiovese / Canaiolo / TrebbianoMalvasia  (click on names to see pictures) all with private gardens and private entrances. Canaiolo + Tebbiano are connected by an interior door and can be easily booked together in case of large families. All villas are arranged round an old threshing floor, like the piazza of a hamlet. They all have plenty of space and height. Much of thefurniture is antique, cleverly co-ordinated with good quality Tuscan furniture in excellent taste. The large pool, about 50 metres beyond the houses, has a wide, furnished surround and shares in the beautiful views of the Chianti countryside, framed with flowers, herbs and shrubs attracting a myriad of butterflies. All three houses have comfortable beds and good cooking facilities, including dishwashers and large fridge/freezers. Guests have their own parking space and entrance, separate from the owners’ villa.

While you enjoy your holiday, 100 meters away exquisite wines are slowly moving and maturing in oak casks in the ancient cellars below the villa, lovingly tended just as they have been for centuries past. A visit to the cellars is a wonderful way of cooling off, for the natural temperature there varies between 12 degrees in winter and 18 degrees in the high summer, all brought about by the construction of the ancient cellars themselves. Touring from Lornano is a constant delight along picturesque roads. These three houses are sufficiently private for separate renting, while if taken by a group, there is plenty of space for everyone to meet together.

Booking by email – telephone / Prenotazione via email – telefono:
Mail: lornano@lornano.itTel: (0039) 0577-309059